Strategic Grants

CareDrops CF in line with Community Foundation best practices allocates grant money very differently from private foundations. Our fund pool is made of myriads of individual funds. Consequently a significant portion of our grants are made at the recommendation of individual donors. When you apply for a grant, most of the money comes from our discretionary funds. Knowing something about how we allocate these funds may help you understand some of our grant decisions.

We Honor Donor Intent
The promise we make to every donor is to carry out his or her wishes forever. Some donors designate their funds for particular charities, and each year we make grants to those nonprofits. Others name a field of interest. The field can be broad—for health —or very narrow—for injured pensioners. Others leave their funds unrestricted; these donors have left full discretion to our board.

We Have Broad Charitable Interests
Because we're a community foundation, our mandate is to improve the quality of life for the respective communities where we work. Our core program areas cover pretty much everything, but they are focused. We review our grant programs periodically and make adjustments as needed.

We're In For The Long Haul
When we take on a problem, we commit to it. We also make sure that it is adequately funded within our resources.

We Spread The Money
We first allocate the designated money and then the narrow field-of-interest funds, for which we have limited flexibility. We then look at our broad field-of-interest funds and allocate the money to the appropriate grant programs. Finally, we take our unrestricted funds and allocate them to programs for which we have no dedicated money and to fill out the budgets of other programs where there is only modest field-of-interest money.

This process enables all our program officers to know how much grant money they have to spend for the year, and allows our board to track actual spending against targets.

Donate Now!

We work directly with you and or your financial / estate planning advisor to customize a plan for you. Click this panel to donate.

You may give cash or in-kind donations. No amount is too small. Make a difference in the life of the needy with as little as a loaf of bread.

Email or visit our gallery and see photo and video evidence of your cash and kind donations at work.

CareDrops Community Foundation offers donors a wide variety of options for giving including:

* Cash and cash equivalents
* Stocks, bonds
* Mutual funds
* Marketable securities
* Real estate.
* Planned gifts
* Charitable gift annuities
* Bequests
* Retirement plan assets
* Charitable remainder trust
* Life insurance