Working With Your Non-Profit

CareDrops CF is committed to strengthening the capacity of nonprofits by providing a breadth of grantmaking programs and other services. Take a look at some of the ways we support the nonprofit community below.

Competitive GrantRounds
We are committed to building philanthropic resources that sustain healthy and vital communities, and one part of that work is making grants to nonprofit organizations across countries.

Staff Expertise
Our staff is always here to help you with your needs, and we maintain strong connections with nonprofits throughout the state and stay abreast of local, national and international trends in grantmaking and giving.

Planned Giving Partnership Program
Nonprofits are able to join our planned giving partnership program at no cost, which includes the management of Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Remainder Trusts, and Charitable Lead Trusts.

World-Class Investment Management
We work with independent investment consultants that collectively manages over $5 billion in assets and work with myriads of clients to offer low-fee world-class investment managing services to our fundholders.

Ending World Poverty
This program allocates a significant proportion of our investments for intervention in Africa. When you have a fund with us, you help support the goal of ending world poverty.

Online Resources
We also provide a no-cost online resources that add value to individuals and organisations seeking to help others.

We specialise in creating and managing endowments, and helping nonprofit organisations through our adherence to best practices in funds management and community development.

Establish An Endowment Fund With CareDrops Today
Let's look at the benefits of establishing an Endowment Fund with us: 

  • Your audit becomes our audit. We also provide, through our Investment Committee, the oversight on our pooled funds to ensure you have complete confidence in how this hard-won money is invested.

  • We grant money as often as you wish - distribution can be annual, quarterly, monthly.

  • We can publicize your fund to our own donor base and donor advisors. You may double - or triple - your reach.

  • We can collect and acknowledge all donations to your fund, while still providing donor information for your records.

  • We offer sophisticated planned giving instruments and donation options to your donors, so you don't have to. These include charitable gift annuities and a variety of ways to give - stock, real estate, benefits of life insurance policies.

  • We can work with you to create a strategic plan which integrates an endowment fund into your overall development program and help to promote the endowment.

Donate Now!

We work directly with you and or your financial / estate planning advisor to customize a plan for you. Click this panel to donate.

You may give cash or in-kind donations. No amount is too small. Make a difference in the life of the needy with as little as a loaf of bread.

Email or visit our gallery and see photo and video evidence of your cash and kind donations at work.

CareDrops Community Foundation offers donors a wide variety of options for giving including:

* Cash and cash equivalents
* Stocks, bonds
* Mutual funds
* Marketable securities
* Real estate.
* Planned gifts
* Charitable gift annuities
* Bequests
* Retirement plan assets
* Charitable remainder trust
* Life insurance