Planned Gifts

1. Cash
Gifts of cash or electronic money transfers are the most convenient, simple and direct way to give. Cash or electronic money transfer gifts are fully deductible up to 50 percent of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). Amounts given over and above this limit can be carried forward and deducted for up to five years beyond the year you make your gift.

2. Bond or Securities 
You may receive a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of long-term capital gains assets that you contribute, such as stocks and mutual funds held for more than one year. Since the Foundation liquidates the securities, you pay no tax on the sale, and the full value of your gift is available to support your charitable interests.

3. Real Estate
Real estate gifts, such as your home, farm or vacation property, entitle you to a charitable income tax deduction up to the full fair market value of the property, not to exceed 30 percent of your AGI. Plus, you avoid paying any capital gains tax on the property’s appreciated value.

4. Other Tangible Personal Property
Gifts of personal property, such as works of art, clothing, collectibles or jewelry, may offer beneficial charitable deductions. Contact our Development Staff to discuss making this type of gift arrangement.

5. Legacy Gifts - Planned and Deferred Gift Vehicles
CareDrops CF offers a variety of ways to help you establish a plan for giving to charity after your lifetime. Gift giving options include outright gifts, as well as plans that provide income for life, either for you or another designated beneficiary.

6. Life Insurance
Gifting a life insurance policy that is no longer needed or taking out a new policy is a perfect option to establish a future charitable fund or to make an outright gift to the Foundation. You earn an immediate tax deduction approximately equal to the policy’s replacement cost or current cash value, and any additional premiums that you pay are deductible.

7. Bequest
Bequests through your will are one of the most effective methods of providing for your favorite charities, while enabling you to retain the use of your assets or property during your lifetime. Several types of bequests are available to you, including designating a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate or the remaining property after all other obligations are fulfilled.

8. Retirement Plan Assets
You can designate CareDrops CF as the beneficiary of your IRA or other retirement plans. Retirement plans are ideal for charitable giving, because they are more heavily taxed than other estate assets and can significantly reduce your estate tax liability. This can allow you to give more to your heirs and to the charities you care about the most.

9. Life Estate Remainder Interest
You can gift your home, farm or vacation property to the Foundation and retain the right to use the property during your lifetime, after which it is sold by the Foundation. You benefit from an immediate tax deduction in the year that the gift arrangement is made.

10. Gift Options that Produce Income for You or Others
A life income gift plan through CareDrops CF provides income for life for you and/or your loved ones, an immediate charitable tax deduction, a charitable estate tax deduction and an everlasting legacy to your designated communities.

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CareDrops Community Foundation offers donors a wide variety of options for giving including:

* Cash and cash equivalents
* Stocks, bonds
* Mutual funds
* Marketable securities
* Real estate.
* Planned gifts
* Charitable gift annuities
* Bequests
* Retirement plan assets
* Charitable remainder trust
* Life insurance