Private Donor Advised Funds

Establish a Private Donor Advised Fund Today in 4 Easy Steps
If you enjoy giving to multiple organisations and causes throughout the year but don't want the hassle of paperwork, a Donor-Advised Fund with CareDrops CF is the perfect solution. You determine which organisations you want to support and when and we'll take care of the details.

1. Name your Fund
You can name it after yourself, your family or something that provides special meaning to you while protecting your identity, if you wish. You also can designate family members and others to join you in advising current grants or to succeed you as fund advisors.

2. Decide what to give
Establishing a Donor-Advised Fund through CareDrops CF opens the door to a wealth of charitable-giving expertise, as well as the flexibility to give a variety of assets, including stock and real estate that smaller organisations might not be able to receive on their own.

3. Recommend distributions to the charities of your choice
Now or in the future, once your Fund is funded, you can recommend grants to any registered public charity nationally or internationally, including your alma mater and house of worship. You can even support international causes.

4. You also may request that your grants be made anonymously 
You have secure, online access to your fund, 24/7, to submit grant recommendations. And that's all. Email us at rightaway or call us on +2348104060000 today!

Donate Now!

We work directly with you and or your financial / estate planning advisor to customize a plan for you. Click this panel to donate.

You may give cash or in-kind donations. No amount is too small. Make a difference in the life of the needy with as little as a loaf of bread.

Email or visit our gallery and see photo and video evidence of your cash and kind donations at work.

CareDrops Community Foundation offers donors a wide variety of options for giving including:

* Cash and cash equivalents
* Stocks, bonds
* Mutual funds
* Marketable securities
* Real estate.
* Planned gifts
* Charitable gift annuities
* Bequests
* Retirement plan assets
* Charitable remainder trust
* Life insurance