What We Support

Agriculture and Food Security: promote mechanization as well as eco-friendly, sustainable agricultural practices for poverty eradication and promotion of food security.

Arts, Culture: aid performing and visual arts organisations and cultural institutions.

Children and Youth: assist the physical and mental well-being of the community's children and youth.

Community Development: support local efforts to improve the quality of life in the region.

Conservation, Shelter and the Environment: aid in the beauti?cation, restoration and conservation of the natural environment. Promotion of recycling and provision of shelter.

Education, Scholarships, Research: provide scholarships and support educational programs and research initiatives (early childhood, K-12 and post-secondary).

Emergency Care and IDP Rehabilitation: provision of first responder services and rehabilitation of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)

Unrestricted: aid the broader community in areas of greatest need at any point in time.

Girl Child and Women: Work on improving the welfare of the girl child as well as equipping women with essential skills for life and growth.

Grants, Skills Acquisition, Entrepreneurship: provision of micro-grants, training and mentorship as well as ongoing support for SMEs.

Health and Human Services: support projects and education about physical and mental health issues, systems and human services.

Historic Preservation: assist in preserving, protecting and promoting history of creativity and invention.

Older Adults, Widows, Disabled: aid in safeguarding the welfare well-being of older adults, widows and the disabled.

Scholarships and Micro-Grants: We award scholarships and micro-grants targeted at areas where they make the most impact in the community. We assist orphans and vulnerable children as well as children orphaned by HIV/AIDs.

Veterans, Active Duty and Retired Military: support services for the bene?t of active as well as retired military and paramilitary personnel wherever they may be.

Wildlife and Animal Care:
support agencies that provide for the care and well-being of domestic or endangered animals.

Women and Social Justice:
support efforts to bring about a more equitable society.

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