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Working with you


CareDrops CF works with individuals, families and organisations to help them get the most from their charitable giving.

Community Foundations are an ideal vehicle for philanthropists to put some structure around their giving to achieve maximum impact in their community. Offering a flexible alternative to creating conventional charitable trusts or a foundation, which can prove complicated and costly to set up and administer. The administrative and governance burden on trustees running a charitable trust is ever increasing and, understandably, can be off-putting to those who just want to see their giving in action. We offer a practical solution, making charitable giving to local causes stress free, easy and enjoyable. Whether you’re looking to establish a personal fund through a lifetime donation or a legacy in your will, or wish to reduce the administrative burden of an existing trust, we can work with you to find the best solution. 

We offer tailored philanthropy advice service to establish the parameters, criteria and focus for your Fund. If you wish we are also happy to arrange private project visits. The Foundation is committed to awarding high impact grants on behalf of its donors, producing yearly Impact Reports on your Named Fund to show what your giving has achieved. There are several options for your giving through CareDrops CF.

Named Fund
Choose between establishing your unique Named Fund as either:
An Endowment Fund which invests for the future making grants annually
An Immediate Impact Fund awarding grants in a one-off programme, and which can be renewed on an ongoing basis

Community Grants Fund
Be part of this life changing endowment Fund by giving any amount to one of our Community Development Funds and becoming part of our community of donors.


Donate Now!

We work directly with you and or your financial / estate planning advisor to customize a plan for you. Click this panel to donate.

You may give cash or in-kind donations. No amount is too small. Make a difference in the life of the needy with as little as a loaf of bread.

Email care@caredropscf.org or visit our gallery and see photo and video evidence of your cash and kind donations at work.

CareDrops Community Foundation offers donors a wide variety of options for giving including:

* Cash and cash equivalents
* Stocks, bonds
* Mutual funds
* Marketable securities
* Real estate.
* Planned gifts
* Charitable gift annuities
* Bequests
* Retirement plan assets
* Charitable remainder trust
* Life insurance